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Application Form (Shadows of Hearts RP group) by KaynCo Application Form (Shadows of Hearts RP group) by KaynCo
:bulletblue: Name: Abel Jones

:bulletblue: Age: 17y/o

:bulletblue: Rank: D

:bulletblue: Class: Tracker

:bulletblue: Dorm: Astra

:bulletblue: Grade: Junior/3rd Year

:bulletblue: Personality: Although quiet and reserved, he's very caring and helpful. He possesses a strong sense of duty that drives him during missions. Having lived with nature for a long time, he's very gentle and doesn't enjoy violence. On the other hand he wouldn't back away from a worthy fight and understands when mercy isn't needed. Unfortunately he can be quite week willed at times which makes him easy to influence and drives him to make choices for other's sake rather than his own. Also, since he's reserved, as mentioned earlier, he prefers to keep his opinions to himself and tends to keep all his problems and concerns bottled up. More often then not he will only speak if spoken to.

:bulletblue: Background Story: Abel comes from the northern parts of Canada, from a foreign tribe of natives which isn't very known about. The tattoos covering his body reflect a very important ritual of his people that was given to him as a child. He grew up in harsh lands; living in traditional houses built of wood, animal skin and leaves. That said, he learned many uses for what nature could offer; from medicine and nutrition to shelter and clothing, he became an expert in surviving outdoor, in winter like in summer.

When it comes to his heart spirit, Abel gets along extremely well with him and it is probably his most trusted friend. He named his spirit "Sheep" since in fusion form, his spirit has features that remind him of that animal. Because of his closeness and confidence in the spirit, it was easy for him to learn how to use him and bring out its true form. His parents realised all the potential he has with his powers and knowledge and decided it would be best if he left their tribe behind in order to make a future for himself. He was extremely reluctant in leaving, considering he had never been in cities and had to learn a whole new language, but with the encouragement of his parents he finally agreed and set off on his journey to Yamasakura island.

:bulletblue: Likes:
:bulletgreen: Nature (plants, animals, etc.)
:bulletgreen: Sweets & Chocolate
:bulletgreen: Calm and quiet environments
:bulletgreen: Body Art (Tattoos, piercings, makeup etc.)
:bulletgreen: Storms (Rain, hail, blizzards)

:bulletblue: Dislikes:
:bulletred: Loud obnoxious and annoying noises
:bulletred: Violence/Roughness/Cruelty
:bulletred: Crowds
:bulletred: Fattening foods
:bulletred: Sour candy or anything that tastes sour

:bulletred: User Skills: Until SS Rank only 1 Skill is Unlocked
1- Healing: Uses magic to enhance the power of medicinal herbs
2- Dôme: Creates a stationary safe zone 6 meters in diameter where no demons, nightwalkers or dark spirits may enter. It allows teammates to take a breather when asked to work in groups. (Locked skill)

:bulletred: Heart Spirit / Fusion Skills: Until SS Rank Only 2 Skills are Unlocked
1- Howl: The Fusion lets out a powerful demonic howl which sends a powerful ring of black flames outward. This skill deals fire damage but mostly knocks back enemies and stuns them. The black flame does not harm teammates and their fusion.
2- Black Flames: The Fusion shoots out balls of black fire at the enemy. When hit, the enemy is dealt fire damage from the impact and the fire deals 15 seconds of continuous burn damage afterwards since it latches on to it.
3- Black Dôme : Creates an area of 10 meters in diameter around the Fusion where the ground lights up in dark flames. It deals significant fire damage to any enemy standing inside and the damage grows more severe the closer you are to the Fusion (the centre of the circle). This ring moves with the Fusion. Again, the fire is harmless to teammates and their Fusions. (Locked Skill)

:bulletblue: Other info:
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual
Other facts:
-Tends to get along better with the female gender
-Is allergic to cats but refuses to acknowledge it
-Tends to hide animals in his dorm room even if it might be against the rules. His room often turns into a zoo.
-He might make you try a new concoction of herbal medicine without your noticing and would then follow you around asking suspicious question to make sure you don't drop dead.  
-He chose the Astra dorm for the comforting solitude it brings him but he would like to be in a more sociable environment...

:bulletblue: Quotes:
"Anything you may need can be found in our lands; money isn't necessary."
nekomakino Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2017  Professional Artisan Crafter
I forgot to tell you, but You need to update your character's Schedule on your app. You can put it under the likes and dislikes section.
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